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Asd Bardigiani del San Bartolo


Passeggiate a cavallo
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Bardigiani del San Bartolo Asd

The association promotes a 'Slow' philosophy of equestrian tourism, using the horse for excursions to the artistic and gastronomic discovery of Montefeltro and Valmarecchia.

An important aspect of tourism on horseback is its environmental sustainability, especially if it is addressed to the use and protection of  Bardigiano, native of the Apennines and in danger of extinction.

We organize for all our members excursions in which to discover the natural, historical and gastronomic wonders making the trip interesting for both horse lovers and tourists looking for an emotion.

It is easy and immediate to join, you have to share our statutory goals, pay the insurance and membership fee and you can live, in complete safety, the pleasure of a unique excursion.

Curiosity on the Bardigiano horse

Its name, Bardigiano, derives from bardi (Pr) the village of the Parma Apennines from which it originates.

Descendant of the ancient horses of the Celtic populations, historically it has been selected on the basis of strength, rusticity and resistance, but above all for its character, in order to obtain subjects more and more suitable to work with man.

Today’s selection objectives provide a suitable conformation for the service of saddle, light shooting and riding for leisure.

Hippotherapy: its marked docility and ease in learning, sensitivity and willingness to collaborate with man make it a particularly suitable horse for use in assisted therapies for people with disabilities.

Equestrian tourism: the Bardigiano is a pleasure horse, quiet and obedient, with a safe foot on any terrain, ideal for more demanding walks and trekking.

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