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cavallo bardigiano

Asd Bardigiani del San Bartolo uses Bardigian horses from Alice Mascheri's farm in San Leo.

Bardigian horse breeding

In the photo taken at the 2015 Bardi fair, the stallion NELSON code PC5012, born on April 25, 2000, height at the withers 148, score 84.

Father RUDY PC829;
Mother ASIA PR1870.

Nelson has a very balanced character, is tamed and has a proud and elegant pace with great drive forward.

In addition to Nelson’s colts, are available Alboino's colts from Matilde's Farms https:/ and Martina Sartori's stallion Primo Zucchero's colts.

Sole,Primo zucchero's son,  2 years.

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